Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation Omaha NE & Council Bluff IA


There’s always that time of year when the air outside becomes either too hot or too cold to keep your windows open any longer. Naturally, you flip on your air conditioner or furnace to keep you and your family comfortable.

Before turning it on, usually everyone in the family runs around the house to shut all the windows, and for the remainder of the heating and cooling season, you always remind people to please close the door behind them. As mom use to always say, “We don’t want to heat or cool the entire neighborhood!”

You do this at least twice a year, and yet most people don’t think to check the part of their home that wastes the most conditioned air—their attics! More than 80 percent of the homes built prior to 1980 don’t have attics with proper insulation. Even many new homes aren’t properly insulated. Consequently, you could be losing as much as 34 percent of the air your furnace and air conditioner produce!

Without proper insulation, the warm air generated by your furnace easily pushes through your ceiling and into your attic. And in the summer, the hot air can easily leak into the living spaces in your home. Both situations leave either your furnace or air conditioner working much, much harder than it should. It also leaves you with incredibly inflated energy bills! They could be inflated by as much as 34 percent every year! That excess energy being wasted is clearly not good for Mother Nature, as well.

Even if your attic was properly insulated at one time, often insulation can lose its effectiveness over time. The only way to see if your attic has the correct amount of insulation is to request an EcoSharp Home Evaluation from Valley Boys Roofing your Green Screened roofing contractor. A highly trained roofing specialist will come to your home, inspect your roof, and let you know if your attic has the right amount of insulation. And be sure to ask the roofing specialist about becoming a part of the Overhead Care Club! Membership into this club provides you with yearly evaluations of your attic’s ventilation, and it allows you to take advantage of a variety of free services, like gutter cleanings, and discounts.