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About Us, Valley Boys RoofingAt Valley Boys Roofing, we are the Omaha roofing company that you can always rely on whenever you need quality roofing done. We do everything from small roof repairs to major roof installations. Since 2002, we have been incorporated in the Nebraska area. 

Our services cannot be beat. Ask your neighbors and friends. Chances are, they will tell you that Valley Boys Roofing delivers superior roofing at a price we all can afford. Don’t put off having your dream roof all because you can’t find a quality roofer. 

Roof repairs are always necessary in order to have a better working roof. If you need repairs done, then of course you’ll need to call in experts who can deliver you such great service. Valley Boys Roofing can repair your leaks, flashing, re-tar your roof and so much more. 

There is always a need for a roof inspection. If your roof hasn’t been seen in while, then why not get it a checkup? Preventative maintenance saves you more money and time. You won’t have to shell out lots of money in repairs when you have a checkup done. 

Only the Omaha roofing company at Valley Boys Roofing can replace your roof they they do. A roof replacement is needed when your roof finally gives up on you. You’ll start to notice signs such as missing shingles and detached flashing. 

There is nothing more to say about attic insulation except for you need it in order to control the temperatures inside of your home. Without proper insulation, the warm air that’s generated from your furnace will right out the roof. Contact us for attic insulation that’s going to save you money on your energy bills. 

From roof shields to evaluations, there isn’t anything that Valley Boys Roofing won’t do for you. A roof evaluation is important as it’s going to alert you as to any repairs that may be required. You can schedule one very easily by calling us.

In order to keep the warm air in your living area and out of your attic you need a attic circulation system. This is the system that makes it bearable to be in your attic for a long period of time. Don’t let your bills get out of control. You won’t waste any more energy whenever you go with an attic circulation system.

There is lots that Valley Boys Roofing offers when it comes to your roof. Our goals is to bring you complete satisfaction, so give us a call today and see why we are considered the best Omaha roofing company out there.


  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Inspections
  • Roof Replacements
  • Attic Insulation
  • Eco Sharp Roof Shield
  • EcoSharp Evaluation
  • EcoSharp Attic Circulation System
  • Overhead Care Club

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If you want to know more about our Omaha Roofing Company, please call Valley Boys Roofing at 402-898-7108 or fill out our online request form.